Thank you for joining me for this series titled Stronger Through Adversity. The book by the same name is based on conversations I've had with more than 140 global leaders as they navigate through COVID-19.

In Stronger Through Adversity, I wrote, "The more things change, the more they stay the same or so it would seem from reading Marcus Tullius Cicero's writings.”

In conversations with leaders throughout the pandemic, it became clear that customer and employee safety (something that typically operates in the background of a business) jumped to supreme importance. Leaders shared with me many specific decisions they made to protect customers and team members - even when those decisions resulted in substantial short and mid-range costs and losses.

Stronger Through Adversity is full of examples of how leaders acted on behalf of team members and customers, consistent with Cicero's maxim that safety should be the highest law, but let's bring this discussion back to you.

How has your behavior aligned with Cicero's maxim? What are the short and mid-range costs to your business of setting safety supreme? What are some of your most challenging tradeoffs?

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