Customer Experience University - Winning Loyalty & Engagement One Customer at a Time

New York Times #1 bestselling author, Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., shares customer experience, leadership, and business insights from Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Ritz-Carlton, Zappos, Pike Place Fish, and many more.

At The Michelli Experience, we help front-line employees, managers, and senior leaders deliver relevant and engaging service experiences. To that end, we provide keynote and workshop presentations, short-term and extended consulting services, and bestselling books to meet your needs.

Dr. Michelli explains how to use the Kano model to prioritize design features that remove dissatisfiers, increase satisfiers, and add delighters as you create a new product or experience. 

What's so great about the customer experience at Zappos?  What can you learn from the quirky company?  Dr. Michelli offers five powerful human experience lessons.

Dr. Michelli looks at 5 lessons from The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company that can help you elevate your customer experience.

Dr. Michelli takes you to Seattle, Washington, and the Pike Place Fish Market where he offers three lessons for engaging team members and customers. 

Dr. Michelli outlines 5 commonalities of "best-in-class" customer experience (CX) and encourages you to compare yourself against them. 

Are tracking customer input that leads to behavioral improvement?  Dr. Michelli outlines key sources of customer feedback and how to leverage them for customer experience success.

Service is more than "doing for" others.  Dr. Michelli helps you expand your service experience delivery by focusing on 5 Ways to Serve.

Dr. Michelli outlines 5 psychological factors that drive customer experiences AND purchases.

Dr. Michelli provides 5 steps to driving value enhancement and customer confidence (precursors to repeat business). 

This week, Dr. Michelli offers 10 practical ways to retain team members and asks you to share your best practices.

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