This is the third in the five-part series, "How to Drive Delight the Mercedes-Benz Way."

In my book, Driven to Delight: Delivering World-Class Customer Experience the Mercedes-Benz Way, I detail how Mercedes-Benz leaders transformed their customer experience through a clearly defined set of strategic objectives.

One of the target areas pursued by these leaders was to ensure every employee at every dealership was trained and equipped to drive customer delight. Mercedes-Benz approached this training on two levels – an initial orientation and a follow-up immersive training experience. Before developing any training, Mercedes-Benz leaders interviewed and surveyed all stakeholder groups, including 3,000 employees in Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Those inputs served to position the orientation training curriculum. After developing the orientation course, 20 trainers delivered customer experience content to 11,000 people across 24 cities and 355 dealerships within 90 days.

Before developing training programs, do you routinely seek input from your trainees regarding content opportunities?

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